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Meet my family and I...

My name is Yancey and I am a proud mother of two handsome boys and devoted wife to my husband of 13 years.  My husband and I known each other nearly 19 years. Yes!! that's a very long time.  We are proud parents of 2 demanding handsome boys.  We enjoy watching and capturing every moment as they grow.  When our second son was born we realized the demands of having one parent home, as we were both working long hours. That decision took a lot out of us...  We are happy with our decision and would do it again if needed.  Photography has given me the luxury to be a full time mom and I'm loving it. Nothing is more rewarding than having the luxury to do what you love and spending time with family. 

I  once heard someone said " anyone can take a picture but it takes great eyes to see the picture before it is captured".  I did a little bit of photography in my college years as a part time assistant. Years went by and I rediscover my love for photography as I was going through my boys pictures and reliving the emotions of times that will never come back.  Believe it, my husband joins in too...shhh!!! lol

Photography has given me the opportunity to build relationships with families. My mission is to create and capture moments that you will cherish for a lifetime and leave the artistic creativity to me, the artist. 

I am an on-location photographer in Broward County, FL. I specialize in newborn and maternity Photography. I do offer high quality Fine Art Prints and Custom Design albums that you and your generation would cherish in the years to come. I am devoted to offer each and everyone the time and dedication to deliver an Artistic style of Photography. 

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you and your family. 

Sincerely Yours