Why Maternity Photos?

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Okay, I’m biased you’re thinking, but as a photographer, I think you should consider a maternity session. I did it. My photographer came to our home to take our pictures. It was indeed a defining moment for me. My husband was the one who scouted for a photographer and hired her. Yes he did! And I enjoyed being pampered during the session. Being pregnant is worth celebrating. You are life carrier. While many women struggle with health and body issues but we are strong to go through the sacrifices for love. Our bodies goes through a supernatural transformation to bring life into this world. What a gift?

Investing in a professional maternity session is so rewarding. Freezing a moment in time, capturing the anticipation of the expectant parents and siblings. There is absolutely no money in this world that equals the value of the memories you create. You know what’s even more rewarding?? My sons now looking at these moments in a piece of art asking “Mommy is that me in your belly? It says a lot about their parents and how loved they are. Did you know that studies from David Krauss, a licensed psychologist from Cleveland, Ohio says, “I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of that family unit. A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a safe holding space for kids where they are safe and protected. Kids get it on a really simple level.” It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fifth baby, it is still a very exciting time for your family.

So, do you showcase your family portrait in your home walls or are they stored in your phone or in a USB drive? That’s another topic to nail…The world of digital? I couldn’t find my Digital images from my maternity sessions but I do have the prints…Hmm!

I do encourage you to make the investment in taking portrait of yourself, your family and your children. Trust me; there isn’t a greater value that equals to photographs that can pass on to generations to come.

PS. Please forgive the quality of my pictures. I had to take picture of a picture.

Portfolio Building

Hello Friends,

I am having a portfolio building sessions for newborns. I am currently booking for the month of May. Session includes: *5 professionally edited digital files. * Print release * Option to order prints at 20% discount* Newborn must be within their first 10 days of life. These images will be used for Social Media, Print Competition and Studio Displays. Parents must agree to these terms.

This is a limited time offer and I encourage for parents to take advantage of this HUGE discounted price. Please share or tag an expectant parent who would to take advantage of this.

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Hello Friends,
Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I would like to take this moment to tell you a little bit more about me and how I started as a photographers. I am a proud mother of two and a devoted wife of 12 years to my biggest fan, my dearest husband. 
One of my biggest dreams was to become a super model.  It never happened. I decided to take college route and my pursue a degree in Communications.  My first few years in college I used to work as an assistant for a local photographer. I used to do makeup and help him posed his clients in the studio. He would also take me as his second shooter in his wedding events. Im not sure how well I did, but he never complaint. A few years later I joined the retail industry and worked my way up in management at a very young age. 
Fast forward a few years later, I got married and became a mother.  My career took a shift to the Higher Education Field, and I loved it.  Six years after; my husband and I decided to make the most difficult decision to have me stay at home with our kids. Quite depressing but rewarding. I picked on a few skills, like sewing and cake decorating. I was successful at those skills; but my heart was not set. 
During a church event I was the "designated photographer' for the event.   I always had a semi-professional camera to take pictures of my craft and my kids. So, during the church event and fellow member approached me and asked " so you do photography for living"... I replied " Oh no! this is a hobby". I've taken engagements and family events pictures and many other  occasions. I started taking landscaping pictures until it hits me one day. Allow me to blow my own horn here....I have great artistic eyes.  I started to look on youtube for tutorials. Thank God for " "Youtube University". I purchased a couple of books and watched thousands of Youtube Tutorials..." Gary Fong, Joe Macnally, Gavin Hoey, Jason Lanier and many more...
Here I am today, building my name as a photographer. My repertoire is growing and my quality of work has improved tremendously. I had the privilege to photograph the City of Margate Government Members. It was a great experience.  I enjoy taking pictures of infants, families and couples. The intimacy of capturing great moments and creating great images. 
The world of photography is so saturated in south Florida and everyone have their unique style. I recently joined a group of great photographers where we share studio space in Delray Beach. Coming from my home garage to a bigger space has been a blessing. It has elevated my work and its more inviting to the public. 
I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for me. I must give all the Glory to God! He has been faithful and awesome. To my biggest fans; my husband and family for their support. And to you for taking a leap of faith in choosing me as your photographer. I will make you look good....I guarantee it :)
Thank you!